Monday, November 19, 2012

Stila Lip Glaze Review & All Is Bright Lip Glaze Set

Stila's Lip Glazes have always captured my eye in the store, mainly because of the wide range of color choices and their twist up application, but I never got around to trying them out--until now. In my last trip to Sephora I was marveled by all the limited holiday gift sets..I just had to get one. The All is Bright set came adorably packaged with 8 lip glazes, 6 being limited edition colors. These were quite cheap too, only $25, which if you think about it, one lip color even in the drugstore can be $6 or more. I love the range of colors in this set, especially because they can be beautiful over all skin tones and work well with many looks. The colors jack frost (1st swatch--a little hard to see), jolly(4th), and splendor (6th) have the most visible   shimmer. Out of these I actually really enjoy jack frost, as you can wear it over pretty much anything and it adds a pop or glitter to a boring look.  The berry tones are perfect for fall and the         black cherry (7th swatch) is warm for the holiday season. There are a few soft pinks which are good for everyday and could easily be added to Stila's permanent lip glaze collection. All of the colors are quite sheer, so you should use a similar base color if you want a more dramatic pop of color. I was scared of these glazes at first because as you know I HATE sticky lip gloss, but this was not too bad at all. The smell is not good or bad, it is a sweet tolerable smell though that really just smells like sweet lip gloss. This is a really great gift set to give to a daughter, sister, friend, or really any female you know who especially likes natural looking makeup. This was a really good first impression and a good set to add to my makeup collection from Stila. It is really a good value!