B.F.F.S. Body. Face. Fashion. Style. is about friends coming together giving you our honest opinions about beauty products, along with other fun posts and looks, tutorials, style spotlights and more. The blog is mainly run by Mackenzie(Me) and Elonzia. Website Policy is at the bottom of this page. PR Friendly!

About Us 
My name is Mackenzie! I am 19 years old and got really into makeup about 3 years ago and now I love it! I love to write, edit, and make people happy so blogging seemed to be the right thing for me to do right now. Someday I may go into YouTube, but for right now I'm just a small scale, down to earth beauty guru. 

Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Blonde
Favorite Makeup Item: Eyeshadow
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite Season: Spring

My name is Elonzia! I also run and keep up with the blog and I came up with the name.  I will also be posting reviews, and other insights from my point of view.

Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Favorite Makeup Item: Nail Polish
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Season: Spring

My name is Sara, I'm 19 and a dedicated flutist! I'm a sophomore in college. I got into make up in about 8th grade and I still wear some everyday. I love to joke around and experiment with clothes, make up and shoes for no intent other then looking good(: I love to give advice and talk to people!

Eye Color: Green/Blue
Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Favorite Make up Item: Eyeliner
Favorite Color: Blue or Purple
Favorite Season: Fall

 Other Noteworthy Blogs

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Disclosure Policy:

All content on this blog is created myself or my other friends (unless stated otherwise), and is not influenced by third parties. The author states their name in some way on the bottom of each post.

This blog accepts press samples from PR and cosmetics companies for consideration of review or mention.  Posts with these products may contain affiliate links.  I never guarantee reviews, and I never accept cash compensation for a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog (with the exception of user comments) are solely those of me and my friends, and 100% honest!

All content of this blog is protected by Copyright law.  Any unauthorized copying or reproduction of material is prohibited without express permission from myself. 

Love, Kenzie (:

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