Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sleep Chic This Winter with Adore Me!

We're approaching the end of November now, which means Thanksgiving break, Christmastime (YES!), and hibernation...I wish! (It is National Sleep Month after all.) I love the holiday season, but the cold temperatures are extreme and it makes me want to be a hermit inside all the time! I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for staying cozy indoors this Winter season with all of you!

Pamper Yourself!
You work hard, so give yourslf a pat on the back. The body is a temple, and there is no better time than a cold winter to let a fragrant bath bomb or bubble bar fizzle out in the tub! (I love the ones from Lush) Listening to soft music while you're taking a bath is so relaxing. You can even let a hydrating face mask sit on the skin while you're lying in the tub. These cold months can really take a toll on your skin, so don't forget to put some natural lotion all over yourself afterwards to really seal in the moisture. I always find that painting my nails is relaxing as well, so pull out the silver and gold polish and color yourself festive!

Girls Night In!
Of course, you could have invited your friends over for the spa day, but I'm sure they would love participating in other holiday activities. Get a fire going, roast marshmallows and make smores while you snuggle up in fuzzy blankets and watch chick flicks or classic holiday movies. Don't forget the hot chocolate! You could even bake some cookies and decorate them in holiday spirit with little snowflakes, snowmen and reindeer! Take pictures and make DIY crafts together that your friends can take home as a memory of good times!

   Wrap Yourself in Luxurious Sleepwear!
When it comes to underwear, lingerie, robes, sleepwear, and more, Adore Me has you covered! Take their short, personalized quiz to sign up for a monthly subscription service, where you can get lingerie, sleepwear, underwear, and more, sent straight to your door! These sets are sure to make you feel feminine, flirty, and comfortable. I love the Shannon cami & short set so much that I've pictured it three times! This set is so cute and cheeky. The robe in the first picture would be great to cover yourself up after a warm, steamy shower. I also love their bras & panties. The light blue ones at the top of the post remind me of a snow storm, but the dark red ones on the bottom look so sultry and warm. To the right, I've pictured more girly sets. I am in love with the lace and the little bows on the sets, as well as the subtle contrast in colors, like the purple bows on the green set. All the little details are so fun!

Catch up on Beauty Sleep!
Now that we've talked sleepwear, we can talk about one of my favorite things...sleep! Make sure you're getting the right amount of sleep each night, which is usually around 7-9 hours. Sleep with a puffy pillow as well as a back rest, body pillow, or foot pillow for added comfort. I love my body pillow so much! Sleep with a blanket you love. I love how my fuzzy blanket feels against my skin as I'm falling asleep! Comfort is a vital element of a good restful sleep, so make sure it's dark and the temperature is right so you won't have any trouble.

Do What You Love!
The holidays are the perfect time to focus on something you love to do. I love to sing. Christmas songs are some of my favorite songs to listen to and sing along with. I've been finding it incredibly hard to wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening to them, and the Christmas commercials and store decorations have been tempting me. Relaxation is key during a holiday break. Pull out that sketchbook and start drawing, or document your thoughts in a journal. Try new things and travel with friends and family to places you've never been. Meet new people and go sightseeing!

Spread Kindness & Generosity
The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments and what you want to do differently as a person. Definitely don't let those close to you forget how much you care for and love them! Give out smiles, donations and thoughtful gifts. What goes around comes back around, so spread cheer!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what you do unwind and stay comfortable during these cold months!

All pictures were provided by Adore Me.

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