Saturday, June 30, 2012

CoverGirl blast flipstick lipcolor Review!

So the first review I've been wanting to do is on the CoverGirl blast flipstick. The flipsticks come in 13 different color combinations, good for any skin tone, and they sell for a pretty good price almost anywhere. The one that I own is in the shade "pucker". The color on the left when applied is a very shimmery light pink, and on the right is a magenta-red color. Both of the colors are very bold, so a little goes a long way unless you are going for a dramatic look. I swatched them both (reverse order, sorry) for you here:

On the lipstick it claims that it is a "blendable lip duo", but I find that the colors don't really budge once on the lips and are hard to blend together, so I would recommend applying them over a balm or other base first to make blending them easier, and to keep your lips from drying out. The colors last a long time, and you can take a bite (or share a kiss ;) without worrying about your lips. Overall, I like the idea for the product better than the actual product. All of their color combinations to mix and match to create a bold and unique look is a great concept, it just didn't translate across in the product as much as I hoped. I do admit that the advertising for the flipstick does make you want to run out and buy it. Of course Sofia Vergara looks flawless with the bold lips! If you want a lip color that is dramatic and lasts the night, this one is for you. 

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