Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mega Review! Clarisonic + Sephora Haul! (: Part 2

*Takes a deeep breath* Ready for Part 2? xD  Using a Clarisonic Mia2 feels like giving yourself new skin after every use. In this post I'd like to talk about what I've been using with my Clarisonic and also give a rundown and review of the samples I received with my online order from Sephora. I hope you all enjoy!

I had never tried out any Boscia products before my Sephora purchase, so I was excited to try some out. The Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel does exactly what it says it does. It pumps out the top, and it does come out as a sheer black gel/liquid. It has sort of an odd smells fresh but it also sort of smells like motor oil or something to me but I don't really mind it. After working this into your skin, it feels as if the inner layer of your skin is being chilled (slightly tingly) and your skin is slightly tightened, minimizing the look of pores. It is perfect for morning use when you want to wake right up and feel refreshed. The Detoxifying Black Cleanser works exactly the same, only it doesn't pump out and it warms instead of cools, so it's good for when you want a nice rest. The Green Tea Blotting Linens smell fresh--exactly like sweet green tea bags. The packaging is very cool--its limited edition! It has an oriental design and looks cute hiding in your purse! They are translucent light green papers with brown specks. Not the best blotting linens I've used, but they still work very well at blotting your lipstick or picking up any excess oil from shiny spots on your face. The only problem I have with them is that they are so thin and rip easily.

The next product is an extra purchase I made in-store. It is a product I've heard many Clarisonic users rave about. It is Philosophy's Purity Cleanser..and I've heard from many people (but mostly persuaded by missglamorazzi on youtube) that this cleanser + the Clarisonic = Awesomeness. I really do like it. I love all of Philosophy's product simple and cute! It has a liquidy lotion consistency and looks milky. I can't quite put a finger on what it smells like and I've asked several me it sort of smells like a fresh..herbal bug spray? xD It doesn't smell bad it's just a unique scent. (its natural--no fragrance) You can use this without a Clarisonic (all of them can be used without it of course) as a cleanser and as a makeup remover. I would describe it as a basic cleanser, definitely great for everyday use and I'm loving it!

My birthday was last month and I added the Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo to my cart as Sephora's birthday gift! It comes with the Sugar and Sugar Rose Lip Treatments. The packaging is so sweet and sleek. Both lip treatments are SPF 15, and they glide on the lips smoothly and are very moisturizing. I personally have very dry lips so I usually have the urge to reapply often. The smell of the Sugar reminds me of lemonhead candy and the Rose smells almost the same with a hint of rosy scent. I really like the Rose tint, as it is very subtle and natural. I love getting little birthday gifts from them; it shows that they really care about their customers! Finally, I'd like to talk over the samples I chose with my online purchase.

The 3 samples I chose were:

-Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation: I liked this sample because they gave me 4 different shades to make sure mine (or similar to mine) is included--and I can give the rest away to my friends. I liked the foundation, (I was shade 2.5) but I found the sample a bit yellow..It lasted throughout the day, wasn't heavy, and it gave a pretty matte finish. It dries very quickly though, so it is one of those foundations where you have to work in sections so it doesn't dry out and look patchy.

-Clear Prep FX Matte Foundation Primer & Acne Treatment Gel: I haven't tried this yet! I'm waiting for a day where I need my foundation to stay all day long. Since I have combination/oily skin, I like that it is matte so I am excited to give it a try.

-Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil: This one is my favorite and I am planning on buying the full size very soon. Since I can have oily roots sometimes I was a little scared to try a hair oil...I didn't think I would really need it but it is so amazing. It acts as a serum and I like to apply it in the middle of drying my hair to protect it from heat damage and ensure it doesn't leave residue. It makes my hair look so silky and shiny and fresh out of the shower. (minus the water! ;P)

I also entered a code for 6 fragrance samples. I could choose from 4 themes: Playful, Casual, Addictive, or Chic. I decided to go with what I feel was closest to my personality, so I picked Playful. To cut things a bit shorter, I'll just tell you my 2 favorites. My second favorite is Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gioia. It is very fresh, light, and aquatic. I love it..good for being outside or at the beach to work and shopping! My absolute favorite is the Versace Bright Crystal..I've already gone out and bought a full size! It is very light, playful, and girly. I am planning on wearing the to school a lot. I've been wearing it so much lately, everywhere I go!

Thank you so so much for reading everyone! Please Follow if you'd like and feel free to comment and request anything you'd like to see on the blog! XOXO Love, Kenzie

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