Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nicole by OPI, Essie, and Milani Nail Polish Review and Look!

How is being back in school, everyone? This is a quick review on 3 nail polishes I got out shopping with my cousin recently and 1 I already had but would still not mind comparing! I found a pretty great deal while I was out shopping with my cousin! I happened to come across 2 really cute Nicole by OPI nail polishes with glitter and hearts and my uber girly girl side was wanting out so bad so I just had to get them.

The names are so cute..I got "Honey-Dew You Love Me?", which blue glitter and hearts in it,  and "Spring Romance", with all sorts of colored glitter and pink holographic hearts. I found these for $3 each at 5 below, which I think is pretty awesome considering before they made it into that store, they were around $8 each. I'm all for good deals (though every beauty junkie has a splurge or two!). These glitter polishes bring me back to my childhood a bit...as a kid I was always attracted to things like that and whenever you apply a coat on top of some opaque color, it becomes so fun. The formulation is pretty thick, but definitely not overly so. The only think people wouldn't necessarily like with these is having to basically go fishing for the hearts..getting the glitter is easy, and I think if you want only glitter and not hearts, it would be a fun top coat. I had to swirl the brush around and try to scrape the hearts to the top so many times and hope I got lucky! Once you place the hearts, you can arrange them how you like before the polish dries..so basically, this polish is really fun and cute, but it requires a little extra hassle compared to just a few swipes.

I hadn't been in Marshall's in forever so I just stopped in there to see what they had and in the beauty section, I found a beautiful pink Essie polish named "Infatuation". I'd say it is a mix between a salmon and bubblegum pink, though it can show up light pink or borderline orange in certain light. It was only $4, and though you can still find cheaper polish at the drugstore, I had never tried Essie polish before. Their formulation is pretty thick, and the color is very true to how it looks. I really like it. I got a Milani nail lacquer for my birthday about a year and a half ago from the neon collection. It is a bright blue/teal color named "Fresh Teal". I have always found Milani to have pretty runny polishes, but they are not too messy and they dry fast, so I really like them. For back to school I decided to put all these colors together to create this look:

I put "Fresh Teal" on my ring fingers as an accent and "Infatuation" on the rest, then I coated "Fresh Teal" with "Honey-Dew You Love Me?" and "Infatuation" with "Spring Romance". I really like it; its so fun! See you again soon! Love, Kenzie

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