Friday, July 13, 2012

Celebrity Style Spotlight: Emma Stone

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Emma Stone has grown into a big star, both coming from her acting career, and in her fashion and presence. She knows how to be classy and knows how to avoid any fashion disasters that can come with being that big of a star. If millions of people have an eye on you, they can be watching for flaws and missteps, but Emma is strong when it comes to that. She knows what makes her look tall and slim for her body type and what looks good with her eyes. Here are some pictures from major red carpet events to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. On the left, I love how her dress and her lips match. She looks so elegant and poised. In the middle, her belt around her waist and not the hips elongates her legs and I love the deep V in her top, it is daring and classy at the same time. The dress on the right is stunning and all celebrities need a fashion go to like this one. The dress flows perfectly over her body and the soft peach color looks perfect with her light blonde hair and beige skin. The clutch adds that extra little pop. Love it! The most important thing about it is that she looks radiant like she is having an amazing time. People admire her for her sexy polished looks and she's a celebrity with fashion sense you can't forget. That explains why she was the perfect star for Revlon to reach out to for advertising.

Below, the left picture is Emma Stone without makeup, and on the right is her makeup at a red carpet flawless.
She has an already flawless face (and freckles are no flaw in my opinion..they are so cute!) and she has the perfect face for makeup. You see all the time how horrendous celebrities can look without makeup with bright lights in their faces and really, Emma looks...normal..without makeup. she looks just fine. She can pull of almost anything.  And her eyes plus a smokey eye equals magic. She can go from edgy and daring looks straight to fun and flirty looks. We can't just talk about all of this Hollywood and NY glam though, her everyday clothing is just the right kind of girl next door look. It isn't fun for her to be surrounded by the paparazzi but at least she still looks good enduring it!  I hope you enjoyed reading this Emma Stone inspired Celebrity Style Spotlight! Coming soon I will be reviewing a product I REALLY love! Love, Kenzie

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