Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: St. Ive's Apricot Scrub

I'm so excited to talk about these! This is sort of like unicorn poop in a jar, magical. I first tried a St. Ive's face scrub when I was at a camp with my church and my group leader had a travel sized fresh skin scrub that she didn't need to take back with her and said that someone could take it. Of course I'm all into beauty and skincare products so I said I would. The first kind I ever tried was for fresh skin, but it also has scrubs for clear skin, sensitive skin, and timeless skin. And that is just the apricot..they also have herb and tea scrubs to try out as well. Elonzia was on the trip with me and when we got home, we had like a 7 step facial product testing extravaganza. This scrub is the first thing we tried out. This is what it looks like. It isn't runny, so if you turn it upside down or if it tips over it won't make such a mess all over the place. The color is a light peachy tan with tan and light brown specks in it. It has a very very fresh scent, like a right out of the shower smell with a hint of apricot, so it smells more fresh than fruity. It is oil-free which is very good for my oil and acne prone skin. It is creamy, and the specks of what I think is walnut (because the main ingredient is water, second is walnut) give it a sandy feel. The scrub is on the rough side, but it isn't the roughest scrub I've used and I'm sure the scrub for sensitive skin is a lot gentler. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, cooled, and refreshed. I like to use this in the morning a lot because it helps me wake up too because of how refreshing it is. The big tub (pictured) I got only cost $5 at Target, and it is well worth the money. There is 10 ounces worth of product, and the expiration is in 2014, so this will last me a long time, and I can share with friends! This scrub was a great first impression to St. Ive's products. They're cheap, they exfoliate, they WORK. Another product that is definitely worth a try, and is a bang for your buck! Love, Kenzie (and I'm sure Elonzia would agree!)

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